How to start your life and make “tomorrow” a thing of the past?

Is tomorrow holding you back?

Are you constantly waiting for tomorrow but afraid of today?

Starting is the hardest thing any one of us is ever going to have to do. Starting represents a challenge, it is an obstacle, something in the way of our dreams. To start, is to take off, to prosper, to create, to believe… but we fear it. In my opinion, fear is a socially constructed feeling. Fear is wondering what our parents will think, thinking about what our friends will say, saying what we don’t want to hear and obsessing on the smaller details…

FEAR itself is Frightful Experiences Appearing Real.

As human beings, our natural instinct is to avoid socially awkward situations, we want to be accepted and appreciated for what we are. We don’t want to have to deal with questions, why did we started a blog, why do we want to lift weights, why we want to change. We avoid these questions as the answer is not always clear, it’s not straight forward, it’s a combination of things which can be daunting and hard to explain. Some begin ventures for personal benefits, other for financial gains, but they each have their own reasons for doing so.

Settling for second best is the worst thing anyone can do.

Second best means there’s more out there, you know there is, but you are unwilling to reach for it. This doesn’t mean achieving your goals at the first attempt, it means wanting to achieve them, it means openly chasing your dreams. We are all dream chasers, we each have our own lifetime ambitions but the successful people who go on to achieve their aims are often the ones who started.

To start…

  • To begin a movement, activity or undertaking
  • To move on the initial part of a journey
  • To have a beginning
  • To take the first step in doing
  • To cause to come into being

Today is the first step of my journey, this is my very first blog. I have procrastinated it, avoided it, cowered away from it… but here I am. Now. It took a while. Granted. But then I realised that I was the very first step, without me, my blog wouldn’t happen. Without me, my story wouldn’t be shared or documented. Without me, there would be no me.

“Tomorrow” was an excuse I turned to at every opportunity. Tomorrow. Tomorrow. Tomorrow, such a funny word, 8 letters in which held all my worries and anxieties.

When does your diet start?


When are you going gym?


When are you going to start that blog you’ve been talking about for aaaaages?


When will you lodge that rent money?


When you see the power that this word holds, it really is quite amazing. The next time someone asks you something, just reply “tomorrow” and watch their reaction. They will at first stop and think to themselves, then they will muse over what they are doing tomorrow to see if your answer fits their schedule and then they will look at you… and agree, “yes, tomorrow is a good day” because why… because they will also have things to do tomorrow that they have put on the long finger.

It’s an easy choice.

However, if being successful was easy, everybody would do it. There’s a quote in my gym from Mohammed Ali which says “I hated every minute of training. But I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now, and live the rest of your life as a champion’”, and he didn’t quit. He was one of the best sportsmen to ever grace the sport of boxing, and he needs no introduction. His name is synonymous with the sport, and with success. This is exactly the mentality which I want to utilise this blog for.

Recently, I attended a Jack Canfield seminar in London with Momma Bear, and while he talked about ideas, opportunity, needles in the haystack, money, his programme which we could join for a mere 15,000 dollars, success, entrepreneurship (the list is endless!) I left the conference with two clear objectives; to write a list of my 100 lifetime goals, and to start it as soon as possible.

So, I did.

I wrote my list, my 101 lifetime goals. They can be big, small, immediate, long-term, it doesn’t matter, they are yours and they are in writing. And secondly, to start crossing them off! With today being numero uno! Start a blog! Check!

I encourage you to write your own, I’m not going to lie, it was hard! I’m 21! You’re probably reading this thinking, “100, pfft, I could do that!” But I dare you! I got to 70 and had to stop, my brain was sore. So my list is 70 things I want to do before I die. The fundamental part of this experiment is goal setting. The ability to set yourself goals and hold yourself accountable to them which is a trait that appears most often in successful people, therefore, by writing down all your dreams and wishes, you are setting yourself goals. Simultaneously, this then will add clarity to your endeavours as you begin to cross them off. So what are you waiting for…?


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