How Successful People Avoid the Quick Sand

The ability to commit is often a trait which escapes most people when they begin their journey. Whether this journey is alone, or with others in a relationship, commitment comes hard to most people. It is easy to say “yes” but following through is the real hard part. Talking will get you out of many sticky situations, but actions will allow you to avoid the quick sand completely. And let’s be honest, we’re all looking to avoid the quick sand. We have been for years now.


I have committed to blogging and only recently too. Come September, I will be in a classroom full of journalism postgraduates, of whom the majority have experience in publishing and writing, and that’s scary. It’s a scary prospect. One that I’m really looking forward to, but yeesh… talk about pressure. So this blog for me was a commitment to myself, to get as much experience writing as I could. To share my thoughts but also to create something which I could show others… “Look at this, this is what I’ve done with my summer.” Something that I can feel good about. Something that will last a lifetime and, most importantly, something which I’m proud of.

Impatience is the biggest threat to commitment. Impatience leads us straight to the quick sand and offers us all the magic pills imaginable. But the truth is, these pills are magical for a reason, the reason being they don’t exist. They can’t exist. They offer us satisfaction in the knowledge that we are taking positive steps towards our goals but they also keep us at an arm’s length as we need to keep taking them to succeed. Catch 22 at its best.

So now, we’re stuck between a rock and a hard place?

The best way to avoid this situation is connection. Connection to our goals. If we fully believe that we can achieve our goals, it makes them easy to connect to as we can see the finish line. We can see where we want to be and where we would be most comfortable. This is why goal setting is so important, especially short term. It allows us to concentrate on one singular idea and reach for it. Persistence will then see us to the end. We want it. And we’ll get it.

There will always be obstacles and negativity. This is inevitable. It is easier to make a negative comments than a positive one. Think about college or school assignments, and questions like “agree or disagree”… most of the time, it was always easier to disagree, unless you were so passionate about the subject that you had the confidence to articulate your argument.

The mental strength to stand up and believe in something is your confidence and commitment. It’s not allowing privilege to keep you down. It’s not sitting back and saying “sure, he’s rich… sure, he’s intelligent… sure, he has great genetics”.

You will never hear, “he’s seriously committed” ever.

Commitment is best served through action. Actions speak a lot louder than words and when people begin to see the results from your actions, they become inspired. Inspiration is key to success, and the ability to inspire others to be better is not something that can be bottled up so when you have it, flaunt it.

Because commitment is not something we are born with, commitment comes from deep within each one of us. But it is our own drive to succeed that will exploit this potential. Our willingness to change, to become better, to make positive things happen. It’s our choice. And only ours.

So, next time, you see someone doing their thing and absolutely killing it. Don’t think of the negative reasons why that person is in an advantaged position, think of why you’re not following them. Think of how much time and effort this person has put into their studies, their physique, their business, their progress, and admire their commitment.

Then figure out where your commitment lies, and start.


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