Positive People Problems

How to increase your productivity?

Struggling? Skipping legs too often? Pre-workout just not enough? Late night sessions?

I hear you.

This was me exactly one month ago. I was going gym, just to go. I was going through the motions. Same routine, same lifts, same weights. With no motivation, no results, and no hope. I was a sitting duck, I had hit a plateau and was failing to deal with it. My starting goal was to bulk to 200lbs, and I had told everyone that this was my goal. It was reassuring. People were keeping me accountable, they were asking how it was going, how much I weighed now, what was I eating, how I felt. And I felt great. I had successfully got to 190lbs, eating clean, lifting heavy and making progress.

Then came the exams…

And they really took their toll. I was studying quite hard so my nutrition went out the window and quick fixes became a regular thing. My gym game was sporadic, I would do arms the odd day, then miss a few, then come back and do arms again. It was a relentless cycle of doing nothing. Spinning my wheels. I needed a break, and when it came I tried my best to fight it, but falling off track opened my eyes and I could see where I was going wrong.

So… exams are finished, and all passed! I’m back eating healthy! I’m feeling good! But most importantly, I’m back hitting strong numbers in the gym. This time around, I’ve had a little extra something which I never really had before though…


This was totally new to me. I had often trained with people but never had another person who would routinely meet me for a workout, but I’m definitely benefitting from it. And I imagine that he is too. The rewards are endless, but I think the main one is creating a space in which a positive energy can develop. When you’re training alone, it’s easier to give up, and call it a day. You’ve done 4 sets and that’s enough. See ya. But with a training partner, you’re being held accountable. You’re in healthy competition. You’re encouraging someone else to achieve their goal. You’re doing everything to not let each other down and you’re pushing the boundaries of what you thought you could do. Your training partner embodies your positivity, when you think it’s impossible, they’re backing you up. When you’re struggling, they’re the helping hand. They are the positivity you need in order to stop second guessing yourself.

And the positive aura which you create is infectious. People can sense productivity and enjoyment, and when you’re working hard and enjoying yourself, people want to know your secret. They want to know why you’re so happy when what you’re doing is so difficult.

My Momma Bear has always told me that I am the average of the five people that I surround myself with most. So, if I choose to hang around with unproductive and lazy people, this is what I’ll become. I’ll sit around all day, doing nothing, going nowhere and having regrets. But this is not the person I want to be. I’m active by nature, I want to succeed, I want to grow and I will. It’s a fine balance but when I surround myself with positivity, I feel better. I’m more productive, I write more, I search for more opportunities, and I create a positive space where I hope others can become inspired.

The other day, my buddy and I arrived to the gym for a chest/ back workout. We arrived at 7.30pm on the dot. We were changed and in the gym by 7.45pm, and by 8pm, we had met our first friend. This guy was already half way through his workout judging by his heavy breathing. He was a big guy too. Bigger than both of us, but within 15 minutes, he wanted to train in the positive atmosphere that we were creating. 8.30pm. Our next contender. He asked us for advice with regards to his hand placement. We gave the advice, and he offered to join us as we finished up. So what started as two, finished as four, and I would like to think that others in the gym were watching and drawing from the way we carried ourselves.

We were two of the five.


The positivity that we were promoting wasn’t loud, or boisterous, or testosterone fuelled. It didn’t involve slapping as motivation, and we’re by no means the biggest people in the gym, yet people kept approaching us. Time and time again. Positivity is a feeling people cannot avoid.

Think about walking into a room of strangers, immediately you can sense the general feeling. Do people want to be there, are they talking, do they know each other. Now, think about walking into a room of strangers… at a wedding! Or a concert! The atmosphere is electric, everyone’s enjoying themselves, they’re talking, they’re having fun, and within 10 seconds, you know that you’re in for a good night.

This is exactly the same situation. Surrounding yourself with positive energies releases good mood endorphins which further enhance your mood as you feed off those around you. It is a psychological advantage which promotes satisfaction, fulfilment and acceptance. And let’s all face it, at the end of the day, that’s all we’re looking for. So next time, your mood is down, your workouts are stale or you just want to spice things up, find yourself some positivity and embrace it.


8 thoughts on “Positive People Problems

  1. Friend, you’re a great writer.

    I’ve been reading articles all day now, and I must say your writing flows very easily. I don’t have to struggle to understand what you’re saying. I appreciate this.

    Anyway, this was a good read.

    And the aura your describing is very much real. Positivity has an Energy that does indeed have a huge impact on your surroundings, and it is very much unavoidable.

    I have a group chat on my iPhone filled with people who are all full of good energy. Every time we get together, our ideas have sex and we reach higher highs.

    Thank you for the read. Cheers.


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