Why Chris Pratt is Hollywood’s favourite boy?

Chris Pratt is Hollywood’s poster boy. Everything he touches turns to gold, and cinema lovers across the world cannot get enough of him at the minute. Having seen his leading role in Guardians of the Galaxy take his career to the next level, he is now the face of the new Jurassic Park franchise and his success continues to defy belief. He admits this himself, but he is not finished and is mentally and physically prepared for the upcoming sequels to be released over the next two years.

However, since the release of Guardians and the success and fanfare which followed, I have always been curious as to why Pratt gained such attention? And, so quickly?

I agree, he’s a good actor. He plays the lead role in a dominant and controlling manner. He keeps your attention and you want to follow his journey throughout the movie. He has this mannerism which gives a little, then a little more, and slowly you are being dragged deeper and deeper into the storyline as he keeps his cards on the table but never shows you his full hand, which of course has turned out to be a royal flush. Then I stumbled upon this…


This made me realise why he has become such a loved person. He’s funny. And has stayed funny. It goes back to his early career, and his role in Parks and Recreation where he played a satirical, happy-go-lucky character named Andy which was based on improvised comedy, and feeding off the other actors. Many directors and actors alike have labelled him difficult to work with due to his constant comments and manipulation of the script, but some of these improvised sketches have turned out to be golden comedy moments that have become synonymous with the show and its appeal.

He’s unique, he’s stayed true to himself, and people like him for that.

Now, he’s seeing the rewards.

Fashion is very much like the realm of cinematography, and I believe we should all follow in Pratt’s footsteps. Shops dictate fashion trends like production companies dictate what will be the next blockbuster. Shops are constantly searching for new materials or reinventing classics looks while production companies are constantly searching for new storylines or recreating classic ones which supposedly need an update. Shops do this in order to keep revenues high while production companies do this… well, in order to keep revenues high.

But throughout the inner workings of cinema and media production, the supporting actors, the angry directors, Chris Pratt has stuck to his guns. He’s stayed unique and stayed true to himself and he’s continued to manipulate the script where he saw fit, just as we should with our fashion choices.

Clothes will come and go, and it’s often a hard task to keep up with the latest trends. And an expensive one too. So being yourself when it comes to fashion is extremely important. This doesn’t mean become a recluse, don’t try different looks, it means embrace what you see as fashion and stick to your guns. Some people get caught up in the celebrity brands, who wore it best, fashion police… but does it matter who wore it best if you feel unique and comfortable in a look that is perfect for you. If you can rock skinny jeans, boots and a shirt year round, why would you consider high top runners, tracksuit bottoms and a vest? Just because it’s fashionable?

Clothes dictate our moods. When we look great, we feel great and we are great. But the first step, looking great, is highly subjective. What you think looks nice might not appeal to me, and the same works in the opposite direction. But it’s all personal preference. It’s what we enjoy, not what we want others to think we enjoy. We are individuals. We are unique. And we should make this clear.

Usually when I wake in the mornings, I have a few things that I need to do. We all do. But if I get out of bed, don’t wash my face and throw on some trackies, my ambitions for that day have just been challenged. I won’t want to get out of my tracksuit, I won’t want to go outside and I certainly won’t want to do any work. But if I get up, get washed and dressed into an outfit that is fit for the day I’ve planned, I’ve already made a positive step forward in relation to my goals for that day. This subtle change in your routine can have a huge impact on your overall day and eliminate a lot of procrastination because you are already set up for success.

Look great. Feel great. Be Chris Pratt!


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