Super-Size Me, College Gains and 3 Important Lessons

How to avoid gaining weight in college while trying to gain knowledge!

With September only around the corner, students across the country will be accepting their college places, struggling to find accommodation, packing their whole lives into suitcases and preparing to leave home… only to return at the weekend. I can already smell the Sunday roast! Although many will be returning for their second or third years, or fifth if you’re me, Fresher’s Week always has something new in store and is an opportunity that cannot be missed.

With college comes temptation. And lots of it. There’s late-night movies with casual drinking, even-later-night parties with cocktails, DMC’s with bar drinking and loud music, power naps, the lads and the social scene in general is not something that many new students anticipate when they arrive in their new city. It’s a whole new world. It’s looking out over Pride Rock, pretending you’re the Lion King and then actually becoming him as the year progresses.


All your hard work during the exams, all those extra hours in work, all the stress that you didn’t need has led to this moment. You’re now officially a student, CONGRATUWELLDONE!

However, with more temptations comes more disruptions and is losing your summer bod really an option?

The best way to avoid disruptions are goals. Goal setting is extremely important in college and not just in terms of your physique, set goals in relation to study hours, exams and deadlines. Studies show that you are 10x times more likely to complete a task once it’s been written down.

So RULE NO.1, buy a pen so you can write this shit down and meet your goals.

Having no regrets when you leave college is so important. You don’t want to look back and think, ‘should have done that, should have done that’ which leads to RULE NO.2, networking.

College is the perfect place to make new friends and extend your friend circle. In college, you will come across so many different people who have so many different things to offer. Surrounding yourself with friends who promote and support your lifestyle will have a dramatic effect on helping you achieve your goals. These people will most likely complement your schedule and pursue similar things in life. And although your friend circle will be enormous, it often falls into 3 categories:

You will have FAMILIAR FRIENDS, friends who you know but don’t know well enough to talk to, you’ll pass them numerous times throughout the day, each time accompanied by a gesture of acknowledgement and that’s the extent of your relationship. These people can then grow into the next category following a prolonged chat, meaning that you might actually have to talk to them for this to happen. These friends are often friends of a friend, they have familiar faces who you’ve seen once, somewhere, but you’re not really sure when, why or how.

OCCASIONAL FRIENDS, these are friends who you know but, again, don’t know very well but enough to chat with. These are often classmates, people who you have a lot in common with but haven’t really established a relationship with as of yet. They offer you many insights into classroom/ homework dynamics but you haven’t fully sussed this friend out, however, you are willing to know more about them and their interests given the right place and time.

CAFFEINE FRIENDS, are basically the crème de la crème of friends. These are friends who you can talk to for hours and hours, but during college, disguise the meeting as a coffee break. You sit and talk about anything and everything. And even nothing. These people can relate to you, they share your views, or they provide ample ammunition for argument against your views. They are usually housemates, former housemates or housemates’ housemates. They form part of your special inner circle, essentially a family member. They are the friends you go to in times of need, and the ones who return the favour during your darkest of hours, which leads me to my next point…

Getting out of bed can be one of the hardest tasks known to a student during the college semester. Alarm clocks, phone alarms, and caffeine friends should all be on standby for this event. After a late night of… staying awake… even a 12pm start can prove challenging. RULE NO.3, breakfast. Make sure you have all the essential ingredients to create breakfast. Nothing hurts worse than waking up, dragging yourself out of bed to an empty press.


You need breakfast and breakfast needs you.

So, be prepared.

Breakfast should be a staple in your college diet. Breakfast is the one opportunity you have to control everything you’re eating, and should therefore be the biggest meal of the day in my opinion. Oats, cereals, bananas, apples, peanut butter, eggs, bacon, toast, jam… the list is endless. Coffee, cornflakes, fruit, hot milk… it is literally endless. I’ve seen a spaghetti Bolognese breakfast.

During college, the simple way to avoid weight gain is to build a healthy relationship with being healthy. Once it becomes part of your lifestyle, at possibly one of the busiest times of your life, it has a better chance of becoming a part of your routine. Then as we leave college and enter the real world, it will continue to keep off those pounds because we’ve been applying these rules to our lives for so long that we know no different.

Fitness is a lifestyle, not just for the weekend.


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