Feeling Fresh after Freshers?

So now that college has started and the stress of timetables and finding lecture halls has died down, Fresher’s Week has finally come crashing to a halt. Most likely you’ve come crashing in behind it and already whispered those four magical words “I’m never drinking again”… it’s time to get back on the grind and pick up the pieces of a week that’s left you broken, beat and scarred. It will be hard, there’s no point on denying it but the rewards will be worthwhile.

Over the summer, you’ve put all the work in behind the scenes. You’ve done the hard part, you’ve given yourself a solid foundation and now it’s time to put some mass on that summer bod. University timetables are usually anti-gym. They have you waking early, and leaving late with huge gaps in between for no apparent reason. Study? Maybe? But it’s only Week One?

Everyone has preferred times to hit the gym. Some love mornings, others love evening sessions after a protein packed lunch, and then there are night crawlers. A personal trainer’s worst enemy. Those who are last to enter the gym, and most definitely, last to leave. However, we can all agree that college and our studies should probably rank higher in importance than big biceps so a morning routine should be our aim. Get to the gym, get our workout in, get out and get to college.

Morning routines offer us so much more when it comes to college life too. Firstly, we’re up early, before 10am, which is huge when it comes to college. We can eat a solid meal before the session starts. We are showered and smelling FTD afterwards, ready for a long day in the lecture halls. Everything which follows our workout is complementing our early start

Our chest muscles are pumped. Our t-shirts fit tighter on our arms. The release of endorphins has us in a good mood. We smell great. We feel great. We look great. Every meal is contributing to our workout and timing doesn’t matter because we’ve already been to the gym. It frees up the day for study. It frees up the evening for meeting up with the lads/ girlfriends/ boyfriends.

Getting to the gym in the morning essentially represents a win-win situation because we can go about our day having already finished the hardest part. Most people dread the morning, they dread the ring of the alarm clock, the coldness outside the blankets and they fear the unknown, but by planning your day from the very start, you can easily fight off these morning anxieties and become the morning person you’ve always wanted to be!

My advice is simple. Stockpile during breakfast. Eat everything. The more wholefoods you can consume in the morning, means the less hungry you will be throughout the day. This means less snacking on chocolatey goodness, less coffee/ Monster breaks for a quick energy spike and less confusion when it comes to tracking your macros. Tracking macros in college is not something that you should consider either, it’s a must if you want to continue making progress. Whether its increasing your intake for bulking season, or restricting carbs during a cut, apps like MyFitnessPal are a god-send, and progression becomes much easier. And free to download!

MyFitnessPal is an on-the-go calorie counter, and if you’re worried about your adding and subtracting capabilities around friends (because your degree isn’t in maths for a reason), this app is revolutionary.

11am comes. And goes. 12pm comes. And goes. Now it’s 1pm, and you haven’t eaten since 9am but you still have classes until 3pm. You run into the shop, grab an energy bar and a coffee and get back to class. But you’ve come undone, this bar isn’t suitable and this coffee was made with full fat milk, you’re ruined. You can feel the gainz slipping through your fingers…

This is exactly the scenario where MyFitnessPal works wonders. You can simply use the barcode scanner which is embedded in the app and hey, you’re right back on track. No worrying. No counting on fingers. Or friends fingers. No babysitting the wrapper so you can add it up later. It’s wonderful. Eating shouldn’t be a chore or something which you manage with a fine tooth comb, it should be making the right choices the majority of the time. And enjoying your choices.

So come on sleepyhead, what are you waiting for?


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