Fashion for Fall

Gloomy. Dismal. Monotone. Grey. Dull.

No, that’s not the weather that I’m talking about… it’s your outfit.

Fall 2015 is all about deep, dark, monochrome colours. You should be shouting at this stage, “Hey, I just bought a fluorescent pair of red high tops at an expensive shop and was told I looked great. And you probably did. You probably still do. But now… what should we do with those bad boys?

My opinion…

I say integrate them into your winter wardrobe as a show-stopper. Exotic and eye-catching colours have their place and I think this autumn is the perfect time for them. When everyone else is following the rules, keeping the colours simple, blending in with all their college peers, this is your time to shine. Literally.

This autumn looks set to be dominated by lighter materials, heavier layering and darker garments. Essentially, this is a great time for the college goer. While one or two pieces may need to be added to your wardrobe, overall, its reuse and recycle.

My VIP items that are worth considering would be a long parka jacket. It’s the perfect piece to throw on top of a stylish autumn outfit but also strong enough to resist the winter rain. Its longevity is key. It will take you through almost three seasons if springtime where you live is anything like the ones that we have in Ireland!

My second must have would be boots. I could probably write a whole article on just boots alone. They’re warm, they stop the rain, you can jump in puddles without regretting it straight away, and they look great. I think I might actually write something about this. In my opinion, the boot is often overlooked too which is sad, we need to embrace them.

But that’s for another day, back to fall fashion.

Monochrome is trending and outfits of one singular colour, and one singular material, need that pop. Your (fluorescent pair of red high tops bought at an expensive shop) runners could be the difference between goth-status or a well thought-out look. Summer patterns will also come to the forefront as they can be used as intricate colour patterns breaking up dark, clad combinations.

As the evenings shorten, temperatures drop and the dreaded man flu begins taking lives… we need to adjust and layering up is the only way to survive.

Layers are proving a popular choice this autumn. The lighter the layers, the more you can wear is essentially the message. Somewhere underneath all these layers is a person. I think. I hope. This is the kind of coverage that I’m talking about. Layers upon layers upon layers.

No man flu can get me now.

Grey is the perfect colour to begin with. It offers you a blank canvas, something to work with, or expand on. Either way, grey is great. I’m a fan. Grey comes in so many different shades and textures that creating a monochrome outfit would be effortless. Grey on grey on grey. Simple, yet extremely sophisticated and fashionable.

Black on black is an obvious choice. It’s a staple of a man’s wardrobes. Or should be anyway. Black tie events. Black suits. Black jeans. Black boots! Again, sophisticated, easy to assemble, and can be found everywhere in all shapes and sizes. Black on black is a winner and little explanation is need as to why. It just is. Sorry.

My next favourite colour for fall is burgundy. Or maroon… purple… dark red… you know the one. It is typically a staple of autumn and winters looks. It’s a warm colour and I think this is only where the attraction begins. The smallest addition can brighten up even the darkest of outfits. It usually comes in a range of shades too but I can’t see myself ever being dressed head-to-toe in it. Although I have been close once or twice. I love this colour. It even sounds delicious… buuurrrrrrggguunnddyyyy… mmm…

Basic things to remember for this fall.

One colour is all you need. Layers are your best friend. And man flu is a killer, spread the word.


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