Time is Money! My money!

Being a full-time bro isn’t easy!

There’s my college lifeMy gym lifeMy work lifeMy girlfriend lifeMy family lifeMy social life.

And, still only 24 hours in the day. You may think this is enough, but I’m starting to panic…

At the start of September, I continued my studies and I’m now doing a Masters in Journalism. The course is good, I’m finding it really interesting and I knew journalists wrote a lot but yeesh… I didn’t know that they wrote this much. I literally spend most of my evenings sitting at the desk, staring into a computer screen which is starting to look more and more like the Matrix every time.

It takes up almost every waking hour. Even eating into the time I put aside for this blog.

I started this blog over the summer, just because… I had something to say and I wanted to say it. It was leisurely, I could take my time, I had the whole summer but now it seems like I’m deliberately sitting down to write specifically for my blog which isn’t good for the flow of posts. I think that sometimes these things must be natural and in a busy schedule, sometimes natural just doesn’t make the cut. And unfortunately, is knocked off the to-do list. Or at least put on the back burner.

College has taken up the majority of my time, but I think that this is a good thing. Last year, if I woke up to rain (which seems to always be the case), the curtains would have closed, the bedsheets would have remained and I would have been on the first train to sleepy sleepy snoozey snooze.

But this year, I wait for no alarm.

I’m washed, dressed and fed within minutes and I believe this is because I’m investing in something which I think will benefit me. If I miss class, I miss the benefits that are being afforded to me. I also paid a lot of money for the course, nearly €8000, and feel that this will be money badly spent if I miss classes on the regular.

It’s a vicious circle.

But it’s also something that I have taken into other facets of my life. Money is power and if it’s in my hands… all the better!

I’ve allowed this mantra to associate itself with the gym. And while I’m in the gym to become the best that I can be, I believe that money has played an important role. If I’m not gyming on the daily, I’m effectively wasting money.

And as a student… wasting money is not an option. IT’S NEVER AN OPTION. So getting to the gym, after college, has become a priority because this is what I’m investing most of my money in.

Time is another important commodity that we need to utilise in order to be successful. There is only 24 hours in the day, this is a fact, this cannot be changed, but yet, people become successful “overnight…”

There’s an anecdote in there somewhere!

Successful people most often tend to be the ones who find the time to achieve, in between the times we need to live. They push the boundaries of time. Work when people are sleeping, sleep when people are working and generate a confidence that whenever the time comes, not a single passing minute will hold them back.

Now, I’m not claiming perfection. I’m far from it. But I will forever have an obsession for progression which is why I named my blog so. This obsession is one that can drive a man to his limits but when controlled, prioritised and effected, the boundaries become mere time constraints and this is definitely something which I can lose a few hours’ sleep over!


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