Why I Need To “Do More”

Doing more is the key to success.

Be proud, but never satisfied.

This is a motto that I first heard from Christian Guzman. At 22 years old, Christian is a sponsored athlete with Gymshark, personal trainer, gym owner, businessman and entrepreneur, and he doesn’t appear to be slowing down any time soon. His gym opens to the public on 1 January 2016, and this is only the start. His social media presence, and the support of his family and fans worldwide, have created foundations on which he has built. Each one of his steps have been forward and this is important

His motivation for success is grounded in this statement – proud, but never satisfied.

Be proud of what you have already achieved, respect the process that has made you what you are today but never be satisfied that this is where your journey ends.

Be ever progressive… Ever Forward.

Maxx Chewning, another fitness YouTuber, coined this phrase. Ever Forward. He did so in memory of his father who had passed away. He wanted it to symbolise the destruction of traditional boundaries, in an attempt to become the best that he could be. He didn’t want other people dictating his goals, and setting him limitations. He used this motto as a means of constant development because all the people who once doubted him, now see him as a role model because he never stopped moving forward. Not that he wanted the fame, fortune or accolade, but he wanted to show them that he could do it, and he is doing it. He is also a sponsored athlete, has a successful and growing YouTube channel and is currently managing his own online clothing range… by himself.

He never stops moving forward.

Casey Neistat is a film-maker, but also a YouTuber. A lot of my inspiration comes directly from YouTube in case you hadn’t guessed! But he has a tattoo on his arm which reads “DO MORE” and it serves to remind him to do just that. Do more. He hit a plateau with regard to his work, his film making, his YouTube account and his unproductivity was driving him insane.

While I’m certainly not condoning a tattoo… he feels that it represents a safeguard against his complacency. And now, Casey is one of the leading film-makers on YouTube, his work has been inspirational across the platform of vlogging and he has ran the whole way around the world for a Nike advertisement.

What is there not to love!

Doing more is the key to success, and I think if my 2016 is anything like my 2015, I will definitely be on the right track.

It’s always easy to highlight the negatives of any situation and people find it hard to praise themselves… self-praise is no praise… I know… but acknowledgement of the good things in your life is more than appropriate.

This year, I completed my undergraduate degree and graduated from university.

Then I returned to study a Masters in Journalism which I am loving.

I moved in with my girlfriend of five year and have never been happier <3.

started a blog and managed to keep it going before exams got the better of me!

I have been financially sound for the first time in my life.

I visited London which is another tick on my Bucket List.

There is a lot to be thankful for, and sometimes it goes unnoticed. So… my plan for the next 12 months is more of the same, please.

I want to do more. I want to write more blogs. I want to post more of them on Facebook for people to see! I want to finish my Masters course with the best degree possible. I want to upload more photos on Instagram. I want to visit more people. See more places. Read more books. Watch more movies. Lift more weights.

Basically, I want what I already have… happiness.

I think this time of year is good for reflection. There are always going to be ups and downs but when you are surrounded by the people you care about most (I write this from an empty apartment! In Galway! In the rain! As Storm Frank approaches!) it makes seeing the positives a little easier.

For the first time, in a long time, my entire family, all eight of us sat on the couch and watched a movie. It was after Christmas dinner. Food coma was setting in hard. The fire was alight but we were happy. Inside Out isn’t a bad movie either! But it made me appreciate the little things, I don’t get home that often with work and college, and I could ring more, I could send a few more texts but moments like that are what we all live for.

Make the most of your time over Christmas and New Years, be more productive and spend more time with your loved ones. We all know how fast this year has been so don’t let another one pass without slowing down to appreciate the finer details. We can worry another day, but for now indulge on what is left of the Christmas spirit and relax.

Nobody wants this time more than you do.


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