How To Dress like Harry Styles

One Direction have broken hearts worldwide with the announcement that they are to take an extended break after almost five years on the road together. Throughout all these years, their fashion sense has changed drastically considering what they all looked like during X Factor auditions.


Following the departure of Zayn Malik, Harry Styles has stepped out of the shadows and gone from strength to strength, both vocally and in terms of his styling. So why he has become such a style icon?

Tip Number One. Get the simple things right.

In recent months, Harry has been photographed at everything from London Fashion Week to the American Music Awards, and brought his flair to each and every event. FLAIR, not flare, he brought flared trousers to the AMAs and I’m still not sure about that decision!

What I am sure of though is his choice of shirt!


He attended every event wearing a slim fit black shirt, and this was the perfect start as it gave him a platform on which to build. Being black, it also didn’t take anything away from what he was going to wear on top and was a subtle touch to what were outrageous fashion choices.

Tip Number Two. Step outside your comfort zone.

Remember those Hawaiian shirts that your dad used to wear on holidays? Maybe, he still does. But you remember them? Right? All those exotic, tropical, bright colours. The palm trees. The sun setting over the ocean. The thick floral patterns. These shirts were usually oversized. Short sleeves. Embarrassing to buy. Even more embarrassing to wear. They were bad. Can we all agree that they were bad?

Say after me, “they were bad”.

Now, while I’m glad that we’ve established just how bad they were, let’s talk about their revival…

Harry has sported the thick floral patterns with ease this autumn/ winter. Layering them over the simplicity of a one-colour shirt, he has demonstrated that patterns are not something to be scared of, but embraced. And I applaud his tenacity.

The internet erupted after his appearance at the AMAs…

But that didn’t stop him.

Tip Number Three. Don’t be a ONE LOOK MAN.

I work in retail, and every day, men will make the conservative choices. They’ll match the blue pants with the blue t-shirt, and the blue jumper. Done. But there is more to buying clothes than just that. They’ll send wives… girlfriends… mothers… I think these men would send their dogs if they knew he’d sniff out a bargain! But clothes reflect your personality and colours reflect your mood, and it’s clear to see that Harry is loving every minute right now and it’s great to see.

It’s easy to not care but it’s more interesting when you do.

So I thought… why not! I tried the crazy!


I’m no Harry Styles… just a poor student… so rather than buying a full floral suit, I inverted his technique and chose a pattern shirt instead. It was a baby step I know. This meant that I swapped the colour pattern and as it was graduation season, I framed the shirt with a black bow-tie, black skinny jeans and black suit shoes.

Harry Styles is a fashion demi-god.

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