Say goodbye to old shirts, and hello to DIY Dave!

Not really, nobody calls me that…

With temperatures in Ireland sitting pretty at the 20 degree mark, the grandad shirt might be the most important summer piece to add to your collection.

High humidity levels make wearing your favourite shirt all the more difficult, but shedding that stifling collar could be the answer.

Do you ever look into your wardrobe and think, “Jeez, there is nothing in here, I need to buy some new clothes” and then look into your wallet and think, “Jeez, there is nothing in here either, I can’t buy new clothes.”

This happens me a lot.Β 

Wanting to have the latest summer trendsΒ can be a hard task. Fashion labels are continually updating their look-booksΒ  and keeping up can be a race without a finish line.

My wardrobe is filled with shirts. From classic collars to button downs, and from smart to casual.

In this weather though, they feel like straight jackets, not fashion statements.

And when it comes to collars, less is most definitely more this summer.

Whether you’re on a student on a budget, or a business man with tight schedule, saving a few coins and upgrading your style has never been so simple.

The Grandad Shirt
Grandad shirts, as the name suggests, are pretty old garments. The style was first seen in the 1920s but has become mainstream once more because of its originality.

Losing the overhang collar, the band-collar shirt or collarless shirt, simply stops at the neck and is finished with a button.

To create the look, all you’ll need an old shirt.

I’ve had this one for a while. See that left collar, yep, it never sat properly from the very beginning.

Even with the top button popped, it was still a nightmare.

You can see it better here, I don’t know how I never noticed but that’s not the point.

The point is pick a shirt that you’re willing to ruin, especially first time around, because the last thing you want to do is destroy your most prized possession.

Next, you’ll need a scissors and a steady hand.

From here, you’ll want to cut just above the joint seam where the collar meets the shirt.

You could use this thing, and if you do, besht’a luck fucking up your clothes.

You only have one shot at this too so take your time!

Once you remove the collar, rub over the seam to expose any loose threads. Then get rid of them too!

And, hey presto, you’ve just turned a useless, old, worn-out shirt into a fresh, summer piece.

This shirt is quite thick and denim, Β so you can see the distressed edge that was left after I removed the collar.

For me, it adds to the piece. The distressed denim look is trending at the minute so I even went ahead and scuffed the pocket and cuffs.

With a normal cotton shirt and a sharp scissors, I feel this edge would be cleaner and completely unnoticeable.

It’s definitely something I’ll be trying again because now I have a new summer shirt!

DIY Dave 1 – 0 Old, useless shirts


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