You are what you wear

(Reading time: 2 mins)

It is said that only two things in life are certain – death and taxes. But I think that there could be a third – death, taxes and the memory of your old school uniform.

We all remember it, don’t lie. I know I do. It is something that cannot be unseen, unworn, or forgotten. I remember it because of the plaid blue tie that the teachers checked countless times throughout the school day. We wore v-neck jumpers meaning that the tie had to be seen, but this was often not the case. We were loose tie wearing teens, and the looser the tie knot, the more rebellious the person. Or that was the logic at the time… don’t ask, we were young!

Whether in school or at the workplace, many people wear uniforms on a daily basis. Now, these uniforms may be horrible, uncomfortable, and a nuisance to keep clean five-days of the week, but they say a lot about us as people.

They show that we are part of a group, that we belong somewhere, that we share the same values as others, and that we are not alone – think school tours, field trips, and sports events.

While a sense of community is important, clothes can often reveal more subtle details about others – their favourite colours, their spending habits, their favourite brands, their fashion icons, and more importantly, who they want to be. Remember ‘no uniform’ days, weren’t they just the best?

Clothes say a lot about people, and considering that we cover 90 percent of our bodies in cloth of some kind, it also becomes the first thing that we will be judged on. Upon entering a room, it typically takes less than 10 seconds for someone to form an opinion of you, and this is all based on external factors – your dress, your hairstyle, and your confidence.

So, when you choose an outfit, make sure it’s you. Ensure your happiness, your confidence, and your tastes are in check. There is nothing worse than following an ill-fated trend just to fit in. Wear what you want, and wear it with pride.

Most of the time, fashion trends will say “me too” in an attempt to have everyone wearing the same thing – uniforms – but it is important to remember that everyday is a no uniform day, and your personal style should say “only me”.

You really are what you wear.


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