To blog or not to blog

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Starting a blog can be a frustrating experience because it takes a lot time and effort.

Time to take out our computers, and turn them on. Time to make the perfect brew which will power us and our ideas for the next two hours. Time to find the perfect playlist for typing, and the perfect font for our words.

And effort – it takes an awful lot of effort. What should I write about? Will this be interesting? Who will read it? Should I have a picture at the start? Or at the end? Is this the right word?

And in the midst of all this panic, another question comes along – do I even care anymore?

This was me.

I used to take out my computer, set up my little station at the kitchen table – water, coffee, notepad, pens, music, headphones – and by the time I was ready to go, like really ready, my ideas weren’t.

It was monkey see, monkey do, and I was mimicking the “full-time blogger.” I was doing what I thought a blogger would do, and what I saw them doing on social media. But it wasn’t really working.

I’m a full-time student, I work weekends, I have a girlfriend, I live away from home, I watch Netflix, I chill, I cook and clean, and I have a life away from my blog, believe it or not! So sitting down for two or three hours to write a blog that maybe 100 people would see just wasn’t worth it.

To start a blog, we don’t need a fancy Apple MacBook Pro touchscreen laptop, the perfect sugar-free pumpkin spice latte from our favourite coffee house, an amazing playlist, or even thousands of followers on social media – all we need is our phones and a good idea, and it took me a while to realise this.

People make blogging out to be a full-time job, and I’m sure it is for some people. But for us ordinary folk, it’s just a passion, a hobby, and something that we do for fun.

That’s why I have started using my phone to blog. It’s always on me, it’s quick and easy, and I can probably text on this thing faster than I can type anyway. It’s a win-win, and it’s keeping things fun.

And now I’m writing when I want to, where I want to, and whenever I get a few spare minutes. Using the notes section too, means word vomit can happen at any time. No logging in, logging out, finding websites, forgetting passwords, I can simply just vomit… and then copy and paste later.

If I was to start my blog all over again – I would start by making more of the blogging apps available on my phone. The computer makes sense. It’s good for typing and has its obvious advantages, but it’s also big, bulky, slow to turn on, has to load, and needs to be on stable ground.

Imagine walking down the street, typing up your latest post on the keypad of your laptop while weaving your way through the crowds… now, imagine not doing that because all you need is your phone. This is casual. This isn’t our job.

It also removes the ‘pressure’ that I used to feel when I wasn’t posting. I used to think that I needed to spend an hour on my computer and crack something out quick – but it took too much time and effort to even find my computer. Now my phone is full of half-arsed ideas to fully-fledged blogs ready to publish.

But the key thing is – I’m always writing.

It also doesn’t matter where you write – WordPress, Blogger, Weebly, etc. – but what does matter is your passion. WordPress estimates that there are 1.97 million blog posts written everyday on their platform, so commit, be passionate, have fun, and don’t be just another one post wonder.

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