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The guys over at Daniel Wellington must be very proud of themselves after this one, and it is easy to see why.

When they decided to ditch the traditional notion of ‘one watch one strap’ for one watch many straps – they were changing the game. And ever since this decision, watch companies have been struggling to keep up.

In my opinion, interchangeable watch straps are like sandwiches – THE BEST GOD DAMN SANDWICHES EVER INVENTED.

Everyone loves a good sandwich, donโ€™t lie. We all know that you eat them when nobodyโ€™s around. The fluffy white bread, the thick layer of yellow, buttery goodness, and the filling… now, thatโ€™s the important part.

The filling changes almost every time. In the morning, it has to be jam. Off to work, some meat – extra fuel for a long day. For supper, maybe just toast. Itโ€™s always changing, but always the same.

This is the freedom of interchangeable watch straps. It allows the owner (me ๐Ÿ˜‰) to have many different looks while remaining exactly the same.

Owning one watch is a pretty big achievement, let’s be honest, but it can be limiting when putting an outfit together.

It has a brown leather strap, white face, Roman numerals, a gold buckle… but youโ€™re not going with the brown leather shoes tonight… so, ditch the watch?

Absolutely not.

Since discovering interchangeable watch straps, the way I look at an outfit has changed. The devil is in the detail, but now, these details can change at any second.

Yesterday, I had a watch with a brown leather strap, and it matched my brown belt and shoes. Today, I have a blue material strap to compliment my blue suede boots. Tomorrow, maybe Iโ€™ll have a something a little more colourful to jazz up a more monotone look. This all happened with one watch, and three different straps. Itโ€™s insane!

Basically what Iโ€™m saying is – less can be more. We all love sandwiches because of what we can do with them, so we will all love interchangeable watch straps because of what they can do for us.


And think about packing for holidays, one watch on my wrist, three straps in the carry-on. Sorted.

Watch – Reclaimed Vintage

Instagram – mr_wigglez_kane


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