Addicted to social media

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Do you ever find yourself just scrolling through Instagram, and scrolling, and scrolling… and next thing you know, you’re three years deep in your favourite youtuber’s brother’s wife’s account looking through their 2014 holiday pics.


Just me… well, this is awkward. 

I have this fascination with other people’s lives. I enjoy watching other people live. I like seeing their favourite meals, hearing about their favourite Netflix shows, and learning about their daily routines.

Think about it, we all keep an eye on our Facebook newsfeed and Instagram stories waiting for (insert name here) to post something new. We do. I know you have a favourite. We all do, and I think we all have this fascination!

For example, I know (insert name here) made you think of somebody, and you probably want to go check their account now, but don’t!

Bare with me! 

A few posts ago, I wrote about our favourite instagrammers, and called them “newsfeed cloggers” in a fit of rage. I was tired of seeing the same things being posted by so many different people. It was their lack of imagination, not their personalities, that angered me, but I wasn’t the only one.

Everyone seemed to have an opinion on the post, but in the end, admitted that they would continue turning to these people for daily updates. The same selfie queens who angered them remained their go-to social media accounts… but why?

We are addicted to reality, and shows like Big Brother and Love Island only make it more attractive. We love being able to escape, and watch people in their natural habitats. We sometimes search for motivation in the strangest places, and these people allow us to see what we can do with our lives.

Every second we spend watching these people, however, is a second wasted. We watch them knowing that we could be in their position if we uploaded daily on social media, if we started blogging, if we discovered our abs in the gym, if we quit our jobs, or if we travelled more. Every second we watch these people is a second wasted in living our dream lives, but we are addicts. We cannot stop.

Gary Vaynerchuk believes that “too many people are waiting to hit rock bottom” and are waiting for it to get really bad before starting something new. But when is bad, ever bad enough?

Whether reading, watching, or ridiculing, these social media influencers will always be popular because we are lazy, and waiting for their next post to entertain us. We want to be told how to do things. We want their opinions, their highs, their lows, and we want it now.

If we want to live our best lives though, we need to stop spending so much time watching others, and invest more time in doing things by ourselves. We should not start something new and fear failure, we should fear mediocrity and the way it makes us not want to start at all.

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