F*ck bloggers

Since starting this blog and pressing ‘publish’ on that very first post, I have always wondered am I a blogger? It is a question that means little to anyone but me, but what really is a blogger? The term holds so many high fluting, fiddly-idle-dee notions, but what does it actually mean? I enjoy writing about stuff. I do it all the time. I have a blog. I have an Instagram account. They’re linked. So that must mean that I’m a blogger… right?

I have always had these ideas of perfection when it came to blogging. I always thought I needed to write the perfect article and have the perfect picture to go along with it, but is it really all that glamorous?

Fashion bloggers are writing about the clothes in their wardrobe. Fitness bloggers are confident enough to write about their physiques, but not show them. Lifestyle bloggers seem to be writing their weekly to do lists like an essay, rather than bullet points. Food bloggers and their healthy food recipes. Mommy bloggers and their babies. Sports bloggers and their favourite teams. We have seen it all before. And I hold my hands up, I have done it too… because isn’t that what good bloggers do?

I hate blogs because they are boring. And if I wanted to be bored, I would probably go do all the things that I’m actually meant to be doing, instead of sitting here scrolling through your dull diary entry, or letter for your family and friends to read.

When I find a blog, I want to be told something interesting. I want to laugh. I want to be impressed. I want to learn something new. I want something different and adventurous. I want to be made think. My time is more valuable to me than anything else so please don’t waste it ffs.

I recently had a conversation with a friend about “famous” bloggers/ vloggers/ newsfeed cloggers/ social media influencers, and we both came to the conclusion that the majority of successful (insert word of choice) are either very good looking, in great shape, or live insanely active lifestyles. Think about it. When was the last time you saw a (insert word of choice) who wasn’t the most photogenic person that you had ever laid eyes on!

I’m not against this, I mean, if you have it, flaunt it. But if this is the case, is blogging really something to be proud of?

I’m a budding journalist, and I have a masters degree in journalism. I’m all for people sharing their unique stories. I love a good read. Reading and writing are my bread and butter, and I love a challenge. I love sinking my teeth into an article or post, and not fully knowing where it is bringing me. When I don’t fully understand something, or something doesn’t seem right, that’s when I’m at my best. I want to know more, and I will search and search until I find it but I need that butterfly in my stomach to get me started, that spark, that one blog post…

Unfortunately, at the minute, most blogs are going in the same direction. It is about getting “famous”. It is about making money. It is about the clicks, the hits, the comments. It is about that buzz, and I appreciate that, but what happens when the noise stops? And all you’re left with is this – another crappy blog post!

Hasta la pizza, baby

The Dough Bros fire up new ovens in a new location

Local foodies were thrown into disarray when the Dough Bros announced that they would be closing the doors of their beloved pop-up.

The wood fired pizzeria opened almost two years ago, and following a whirlwind romance with pizza lovers nationwide, the Bros have decided to shut operations on Abbeygate Street Upper ahead of a game-changing move. This week, Eugene and Ronan Greaney, the Galway brothers behind what has become one of the most popular eateries in Ireland, explained why last Sunday was the perfect time to serve the last slice… for now.

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Top 10 Things To Do Before Tough Mudder

As the name suggests, Tough Mudder is going to be tough.

After initially signing up, you said that you would be in the shape of your life, don’t lie, we all said it.

I know I did.

I wanted to be able to run 10km without breaking a sweat, climb walls like a parkour kid, jump over moving vehicles… but now that the day has actually come, I have just realised that I can’t even cross the road without putting my life in danger.

However, I have bought the ticket, I want the Tough Mudder headband, and I’m already thirsty for that end of race beer.


So, I’ve devised a 10 step plan for success… Tough Mudder, you’re going down.

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Mr Motivation


“When you’re comfortable in your own skin, it does have an effect on your esteem and confidence” admits Kevin Russell. Russell is an online personal trainer, advocate of a healthy lifestyle and a Masters student at NUI Galway. He offers nutritional advice, workout plans and is a fitness enthusiast but he suffered from mental health issues when he was younger. So now, when he sees his clients’ results and the changes in them, it comes with a great deal of pride. “To be honest, that’s what I love most about it. They are so happy with how they’ve progressed physically but it’s a mental thing as well.”

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How To Dress like Harry Styles

One Direction have broken hearts worldwide with the announcement that they are to take an extended break after almost five years on the road together. Throughout all these years, their fashion sense has changed drastically considering what they all looked like during X Factor auditions.


Following the departure of Zayn Malik, Harry Styles has stepped out of the shadows and gone from strength to strength, both vocally and in terms of his styling. So why he has become such a style icon?

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Why I Need To “Do More”

Doing more is the key to success.

Be proud, but never satisfied.

This is a motto that I first heard from Christian Guzman. At 22 years old, Christian is a sponsored athlete with Gymshark, personal trainer, gym owner, businessman and entrepreneur, and he doesn’t appear to be slowing down any time soon. His gym opens to the public on 1 January 2016, and this is only the start. His social media presence, and the support of his family and fans worldwide, have created foundations on which he has built. Each one of his steps have been forward and this is important

His motivation for success is grounded in this statement – proud, but never satisfied.

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