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To blog or not to blog

Starting a blog can be a frustrating experience because it takes a lot time and effort.

Time to take out our computers, and turn them on. Time to make the perfect brew which will power us and our ideas for the next two hours. Time to find the perfect playlist for typing, and the perfect font for our words.

You are what you wear

It is said that only two things in life are certain – death and taxes. But I think that there could be a third – death, taxes and the memory of your old school uniform.

Say goodbye to old shirts, and hello to DIY Dave!

Not really, nobody calls me that… With temperatures in Ireland sitting pretty at the 20 degree mark, the grandad shirt might be the most important summer piece to add to your collection. High humidity levels make wearing your favourite shirt all the more difficult, but shedding that stifling collar could be the answer. Do you ever look into your wardrobe and think, “Jeez, there is nothing in here, I need to buy some new clothes” and then look into your wallet and think, “Jeez…

New Direction for Denim

When sportswear meets fashion, stylish things happen. claimed that 2015 witnessed the beginning of an athleisure movement but that 2016 is the year where it will really become a thing. Athleisure is defined as “casual clothing designed to be worn both for exercising and for general use” and apparently all the staff at Merriam-Webster dictionary are on board as the term is to become official.

How To Dress like Harry Styles

One Direction have broken hearts worldwide with the announcement that they are to take an extended break after almost five years on the road together. Throughout all these years, their fashion sense has changed drastically considering what they all looked like during X Factor auditions…

Fashion for Fall

Gloomy. Dismal. Monotone. Grey. Dull. No, that’s not the weather that I’m talking about… it’s your outfit. Fall 2015 is all about deep, dark, monochrome colours. You should be shouting at this stage, “Hey, I just bought…

The War on White: Good vs Evil

An essential? One to be avoided? A must-have item? A dying trend? Have you ever wanted to be a superhero? To fight crime? To be loved by millions? Superheroes are celebrated figures in modern folklore for many reasons. They offer themselves to Earth, to us, as saviours of the human race time and time again. They revolt against oppressive regimes and implement changes for the betterment of society. They are forever giving, and wish for gratitude in return. They are recognised for their prowess in battle, renowned for their audacity in the face of injustice and simplistic in their undying ability to hide themselves from the public behind the cleverest fashion choice known to man…

Why Chris Pratt is Hollywood’s favourite boy?

Chris Pratt is Hollywood’s poster boy. Everything he touches turns to gold, and cinema lovers across the world cannot get enough of him at the minute. Having seen his leading role in Guardians of the Galaxy take his career to the next level, he is now the face of the new Jurassic Park franchise and his success continues to defy belief. He admits this himself, but he is not finished…