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Addicted to social media

Do you ever find yourself just scrolling through Instagram, and scrolling, and scrolling… and next thing you know, you’re three years deep in your favourite youtuber’s brother’s wife’s account looking through their 2014 holiday pics.


Just me… well, this is awkward.

Top 10 Things To Do Before Tough Mudder

As the name suggests, Tough Mudder is going to be tough. After initially signing up, you said that you would be in the shape of your life, don’t lie, we all said it. I know I did. I wanted to be able to run 10km without breaking a sweat, climb walls like a parkour kid, jump over moving vehicles… but now that the day has actually come, I have just realised…

Sore Shoulders

Monday. Bloody Monday. Shoulder. Bloody shoulder. There has been a lack of fitness related content of late because yes, you guessed it, my shoulder. I was welcomed into the Snap City Hall of Fame almost eight weeks ago and being an honorary member hurts more than ever.

Mr Motivation

“When you’re comfortable in your own skin, it does have an effect on your esteem and confidence” admits Kevin Russell. Russell is an online personal trainer, advocate of a healthy lifestyle and a Masters student at NUI Galway. He offers nutritional advice, workout plans and is a fitness enthusiast but he suffered from mental health issues when he was younger. So now, when he sees his clients’ results and the changes in them, it comes with a great deal of pride.

Why I Need To “Do More”

Doing more is the key to success. Be proud, but never satisfied. This is a motto that I first heard from Christian Guzman. At 22 years old, Christian is a sponsored athlete with Gymshark, personal trainer, gym owner, businessman and entrepreneur, and he doesn’t appear to be slowing down any time soon.

Time is Money! My money!

Being a full-time bro isn’t easy! There’s my college life. My gym life. My work life. My girlfriend life. My family life. My social life. And, still only 24 hours in the day. You may think this is enough, but I’m starting to panic…

Feeling Fresh after Freshers?

So now that college has started and the stress of timetables and finding lecture halls has died down, Fresher’s Week has finally come crashing to a halt. Most likely you’ve come crashing in behind it and already whispered those four magical words “I’m never drinking again”… it’s time to get back on the grind and pick up the pieces of a week that’s left you broken, beat and scarred.

Super-Size Me, College Gains and 3 Important Lessons

How to avoid gaining weight in college while trying to gain knowledge! With September only around the corner, students across the country will be accepting their college places, struggling to find accommodation, packing their whole lives into suitcases and preparing to leave home… only to return at the weekend. I can already smell the Sunday roast! Although many will be returning for their second or third years, or fifth if you’re me, Fresher’s Week always has something new in store…

Why everyone is a personal trainer

Having a personal trainer is becoming a fashionable thing at the minute. Everywhere I turn, somebody is advertising six pack shortcuts, competition preps, macro calculations and workout plans. I understand that money is an important part of any industry, but the prices for some personal trainers are astronomical, and if money is the name of the game, is your fitness their concern?

Positive People Problems

How to increase your productivity? Struggling? Skipping legs too often? Pre-workout just not enough? Late night sessions? I hear you. This was me exactly one month ago. I was going gym, just to go. I was going through the motions. Same routine, same lifts, same weights. With no motivation, no results, and no hope. I was a sitting duck…

How Successful People Avoid the Quick Sand

The ability to commit is often a trait which escapes most people when they begin their journey. Whether this journey is alone, or with others in a relationship, commitment comes hard to most people. It is easy to say “yes” but following through is the real hard part. Talking will get you out of many sticky situations, but actions will allow you to avoid the quick sand completely. And let’s be honest, we’re all looking to avoid the quick sand. We have been for years…

Step back, you’ll see the picture better from there

Unmotivated? Stuck in a rut? Need a break? Can’t seem to find your rhythm? Treadmills. Our lives are like treadmills. One second, we’re jogging, keeping a steady pace, and feeling good. Feeling great actually. The next second, the speed increases, the incline steepens, our heart rate goes through the roof aaaannd we’re off.  On our arses…

Food Food Everywhere… but not a bite to eat?

Clean eating? Meal plans? Starvation? What exactly do they mean? Okay. First things first… I’m the realest. The realest picky eater ever. Yep. I don’t like red sauce (ketchup!), most sauces for that matter give me the heebie jeebies, I avoid cheese at all costs, I don’t eat pizza, I’m pretty conservative at Chinese takeaways and even more so in Indian restaurants…

How to start your life and make “tomorrow” a thing of the past?

Is tomorrow holding you back? Are you constantly waiting for tomorrow but afraid of today? Starting is the hardest thing any one of us is ever going to have to do. Starting represents a challenge, it is an obstacle, something in the way of our dreams. To start, is to take off, to prosper, to create, to believe… but we fear it.