New Direction for Denim

When sportswear meets fashion, stylish things happen. claimed that 2015 witnessed the beginning of an athleisure movement but that 2016 is the year where it will really become a thing.

Athleisure is defined as “casual clothing designed to be worn both for exercising and for general use” and apparently all the staff at Merriam-Webster dictionary are on board as the term is to become official.

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How To Dress like Harry Styles

One Direction have broken hearts worldwide with the announcement that they are to take an extended break after almost five years on the road together. Throughout all these years, their fashion sense has changed drastically considering what they all looked like during X Factor auditions.


Following the departure of Zayn Malik, Harry Styles has stepped out of the shadows and gone from strength to strength, both vocally and in terms of his styling. So why he has become such a style icon?

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Why Chris Pratt is Hollywood’s favourite boy?

Chris Pratt is Hollywood’s poster boy. Everything he touches turns to gold, and cinema lovers across the world cannot get enough of him at the minute. Having seen his leading role in Guardians of the Galaxy take his career to the next level, he is now the face of the new Jurassic Park franchise and his success continues to defy belief. He admits this himself, but he is not finished and is mentally and physically prepared for the upcoming sequels to be released over the next two years.

However, since the release of Guardians and the success and fanfare which followed, I have always been curious as to why Pratt gained such attention? And, so quickly?

I agree, he’s a good actor. He plays the lead role in a dominant and controlling manner. He keeps your attention and you want to follow his journey throughout the movie. He has this mannerism which gives a little, then a little more, and slowly you are being dragged deeper and deeper into the storyline as he keeps his cards on the table but never shows you his full hand, which of course has turned out to be a royal flush. Then I stumbled upon this…

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