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“When you’re comfortable in your own skin, it does have an effect on your esteem and confidence” admits Kevin Russell. Russell is an online personal trainer, advocate of a healthy lifestyle and a Masters student at NUI Galway. He offers nutritional advice, workout plans and is a fitness enthusiast but he suffered from mental health issues when he was younger. So now, when he sees his clients’ results and the changes in them, it comes with a great deal of pride. “To be honest, that’s what I love most about it. They are so happy with how they’ve progressed physically but it’s a mental thing as well.”

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Why I Need To “Do More”

Doing more is the key to success.

Be proud, but never satisfied.

This is a motto that I first heard from Christian Guzman. At 22 years old, Christian is a sponsored athlete with Gymshark, personal trainer, gym owner, businessman and entrepreneur, and he doesn’t appear to be slowing down any time soon. His gym opens to the public on 1 January 2016, and this is only the start. His social media presence, and the support of his family and fans worldwide, have created foundations on which he has built. Each one of his steps have been forward and this is important

His motivation for success is grounded in this statement – proud, but never satisfied.

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How Successful People Avoid the Quick Sand

The ability to commit is often a trait which escapes most people when they begin their journey. Whether this journey is alone, or with others in a relationship, commitment comes hard to most people. It is easy to say “yes” but following through is the real hard part. Talking will get you out of many sticky situations, but actions will allow you to avoid the quick sand completely. And let’s be honest, we’re all looking to avoid the quick sand. We have been for years now.


I have committed to blogging and only recently too. Come September, I will be in a classroom full of journalism postgraduates, of whom the majority have experience in publishing and writing, and that’s scary. It’s a scary prospect. One that I’m really looking forward to, but yeesh… talk about pressure. So this blog for me was a commitment to myself, to get as much experience writing as I could. To share my thoughts but also to create something which I could show others… “Look at this, this is what I’ve done with my summer.” Something that I can feel good about. Something that will last a lifetime and, most importantly, something which I’m proud of.

Impatience is the biggest threat to commitment. Impatience leads us straight to the quick sand and offers us all the magic pills imaginable. But the truth is, these pills are magical for a reason, the reason being they don’t exist. They can’t exist. They offer us satisfaction in the knowledge that we are taking positive steps towards our goals but they also keep us at an arm’s length as we need to keep taking them to succeed. Catch 22 at its best.

So now, we’re stuck between a rock and a hard place?

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Step back, you’ll see the picture better from there

Unmotivated? Stuck in a rut? Need a break? Can’t seem to find your rhythm?

Treadmills. Our lives are like treadmills. One second, we’re jogging, keeping a steady pace, and feeling good. Feeling great actually. The next second, the speed increases, the incline steepens, our heart rate goes through the roof aaaannd we’re off.  On our arses. As the treadmill races forwards leaving us to sit and wonder how our legs gave way? And who has seen?

Is it any wonder we avoid cardio?

In this situation, most people tend to jump up. They rush back to the treadmill and run. And run. And run. They run themselves silly trying to make up for the mistake they just made. Ultimately, this is determination. It demonstrates their passion, their willingness to overcome bumps in the road and their drive to succeed. I love this attitude but sometimes, it is better to just stop.

As we lay there… burnt, bruised and shaken, we can really see everything. We can see the treadmill keeping the pace. We can see the other runners delighted that they haven’t fallen. Smiling at your misfortune. But we can also hear the noise of heavy feet as they continue to plod through their daily routine.

This time spent lying on the floor can often be our most beneficial as we can see the people running are not actually going anywhere. They’re stationary. They’re in the same place. They’re busting a gut but getting nowhere. The argument can be made that they are doing something, and this is better than nothing, that is for sure.

But would you rather be running hard and hardly moving? Or hardly running and constantly moving?

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Food Food Everywhere… but not a bite to eat?

Clean eating? Meal plans? Starvation? What exactly do they mean?

Okay. First things first… I’m the realest. The realest picky eater ever. Yep. I don’t like red sauce (ketchup!), most sauces for that matter give me the heebie jeebies, I avoid cheese at all costs, I don’t eat pizza, I’m pretty conservative at Chinese takeaways and even more so in Indian restaurants. I only recently accepted that mayonnaise on deli sandwiches is inevitable too.

The struggle is real.

However, I have no such problems when it comes to sweets. Chocolate. Chocolate fudge. Chocolate fudge cake. Chocolate fudge cake with ice-cream. Chocolate fudge cake, ice-cream anddd… you get the idea! There is nothing I can’t do when it comes to sugary deliciousness.

Nothing. But I do have a choice.

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How to start your life and make “tomorrow” a thing of the past?

Is tomorrow holding you back?

Are you constantly waiting for tomorrow but afraid of today?

Starting is the hardest thing any one of us is ever going to have to do. Starting represents a challenge, it is an obstacle, something in the way of our dreams. To start, is to take off, to prosper, to create, to believe… but we fear it. In my opinion, fear is a socially constructed feeling. Fear is wondering what our parents will think, thinking about what our friends will say, saying what we don’t want to hear and obsessing on the smaller details…

FEAR itself is Frightful Experiences Appearing Real.

As human beings, our natural instinct is to avoid socially awkward situations, we want to be accepted and appreciated for what we are. We don’t want to have to deal with questions, why did we started a blog, why do we want to lift weights, why we want to change. We avoid these questions as the answer is not always clear, it’s not straight forward, it’s a combination of things which can be daunting and hard to explain. Some begin ventures for personal benefits, other for financial gains, but they each have their own reasons for doing so.

Settling for second best is the worst thing anyone can do.

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